Liturgical Dance Theory

"Liturgical dancers must come to the end of themselves and become the living art that God can use. We must grow to a place where we respect dance as a God-given gift to the earth. We must fully surrender to the God of creation and to the master Choreographer that holds the entire world by the rhythmic patterns and tones of His Voice."  Excerpt from eBook.
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Dancers. | Worshippers. | Learn. | Grow.

From the comfort of your home, learn and grow!  This course is perfect for those who wish to take a DEEP DIVE into Liturgical Dance Ministry.  Whether you are a new dance minister or seasoned in dance ministry, what you will learn in this course will SHIFT you into a higher level of thinking about God's intention for the arts.

What's included?

  • Downloadable eBook
  • Video Teachings 
  • Assessments
  • Certificate

E-Course Instructor

Kimberly Brown-Phillips, Founder & Chairman of CCD & The Arts.

Materials Needed

Notebook & Bible

Certification included

  • Take the short assessment!

    We encourage you to use your notes and Bible when taking the assessment.
    • Only 9 Questions
    • You can use your Bible
    • You can use your notes
    • Find a quiet space
    • Learn and Grow
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