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We are pleased to offer online classes ballet, lyrical, flags, graphic design and more!  This program is perfect for teens & adults.  You get all this for only $35/month!
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To worship God is to humble everything about ourselves and exalt everything about Him.

Learn from the comfort of your home

This program offers you the flexibility and convenience of not only learning at your own pace but taking classes when you want.  You have the freedom of designing your own schedule.  Your monthly subscription gives you the advantage of selecting your classes and developing your own learning plan.

From Our Home to Yours!

This is one of your classes.  This class is a Beginner Ballet Barre Class.  
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Spirit & Body

CCD's classes offers a unique blend of biblical based teaching and techniques.  We believe that this duality to essential to the overall spiritual & physically growth.

Free Zoom Classes Included...

Ballet Barre | Modern | Lyrical | Flag

The Flag Class is great for beginner-intermediate flag bearers who wish to gain a greater understanding of flag ministry while learning and developing their technique accuracy.  The Ballet Class offers beginner-level technique and center floor combinations while the CCD Lyrical Class offers a blend of ballet and modern dance styles for advanced beginner/intermediate liturgical dancers. Our modern classes offer a blend of Graham, Limon & Cummingham styles. These classes are appropriate for mature teen - adults.  Our Flexibility, Conditioning & Choreography Class offers a blend of ballet, stretches with abdominal work followed by a short combination taught.

  • Introductory / Level I - dancers/flaggers with no previous experience training. The focus on alignment, introduction to basic terms, beginner conditioning, intro to liturgical dance, intro to flag ministry teaching, 0-1 year of professional training
  • Beginner / Level 2 - dancers/flaggers with introductory-level experience in dance or flagging but no/little experience in the dance style/technique, 1-2 years of professional training
  • Adv. Beginner/Level 3 - dancers/flaggers with beginner-level knowledge of technique, terminology & experience that are ready for intermediate level conditioning and techniques, 2-4 years of professional training
  • Intermediate / Level 4 - dancers/flaggers that are between beginner and advanced technique and ministry levels, technique proficiency, and working knowledge of terminology, 5-8 years of professional training​**Please Note: Replays are not available.

What's Included?

Dance Classes

  • Ballet | Basic to Advanced Beginner
  • Lyrical | Beginner to Intermediate
  • Choreography | Beginner to Intermediate
    Dance Ministry Teaching

Flag Classes

  • Beginner Techniques
  • Intermediate Techniques
  • Choreography (February 2021)

Graphic Design Classes

  • Creating Flyers
  • Creating Logos
  • Removing Backgrounds
  • Social Media Graphics

Cancel at anytime

You can cancel your monthly subscription by following these simple steps...
  • Log into the platform and go to the "Account" section
  • Click "Cancel Subscription"
    If you need additional assistance, please email ccd.admissions@gmail.com and we will be happy to assist you.

Current SOM Students receive a discount!

If you are currently a student of the School of Ministry, you will receive a discount off of the monthly subscription.
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For only $35/month, you will have unlimited access to the Worship Arts Class Library. You can stop your subscription at anytime.
*Please note: This is a subscription program in which you will be charged a monthly recurring charge. *
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Kimberly Brown-Phillips

Kimberly is the Artistic Director and Founder of Christ Center for Dance. She is a trained dancer who has studied ballet, modern and lyrical. She is an author, life coach and certified dance instructor. She has a heart to teach and empower people to minister in kingdom arts and has dedicated her life to that cause. Kimberly resides in Philadelphia with her husband, Eual and their daughter, Elena.
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